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  1. Easily top ten this season, quite possibly top ten for TNG, but top ten for all of televised/cinematic Star Trek is gonna be tough running.

    How does the Orville’s treatment of the Dark Matter bubbles strike you? Easier to forgive because they don’t lean on it for as long? …and they have the disappearing planet… huh. I wonder how much of TNG’s Weird Space Shit the Orville has already run through.

    This actress is killing it. …wonder if they considered putting Ensign McKnight in that role.

    It *is* kind of amazing that we see Worf’s security office AND torpedo bay set this season – the season we get “Data’s Day” – yet nothing for the Ops department.

    I’m not catching the “garbage scow” reference. Something Scotty said, or will say?

    • They don’t lean on it for as long and I just expect less of The Orville. Their disappearing planet didn’t disappear because space got broken around it; it dropped into an alternate universe. Deep Space Nine’s Brobdingagian in the fucking awful “Merdian” underwent a phase shift into another form which maintained its physical patterns as (improbably) cohesive systems.

      The planet here does disappear, but most of the time, parts of it are going to be vanishing and dropping nascent life forms into the dirt when the dark matter isn’t cutting them in half or dropping their heads into their pelvises.

      The Orville’s vanishing planet is a means to a noble end in the story, even if it’s an end I’ll bitch about. Here it just makes a stupid action sequence that inexplicably fronts Picard. Ugh.

      The scow references the bullshit B-story in “Final Mission” where Riker and Geordi can’t get the radioactive garbage scow to a sun without bathing the ship in radiation.

      Also, the website be going down for a while. Money and hosting fee issues.

      • re: Final Mission – wow, I’d managed to wipe that plot from my memory. +1 for mental floss.

        re: website – Thanks for the headsup.

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