4 comments on “I like Craig Ferguson

  1. I like Ferguson. I think I’ve heard the same things said about early Letterman, though, who I’m less fond of. You watch any Johnny Carson or Carol Burnett?

    • Probably as much Johnny Carson as the average person my age. I’ve seen some Carol Burnett, as my dad is a bit of a fan but I haven’t been blown away. I saw the Star Trek spoof she did and was a bit turned off.

      • I mention them because I don’t think Ferguson’s doing anything new. Sure, he’s different from the other shows right now, but I take that as happenstance rather than revolution.

        I realize I’m just quibbling; I agree with Nerdwriter’s overall thrust, if not the details. And yeah, I’d forgotten the Star Trek spoof, so maybe not the best examples.

        • I assume she does better work than that, but it makes learning more about her a lower priority than checking out, say, The Good Place (which is good).

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