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  1. “It’s just a dream” stories should always question the nature of perception, the nature of “reality,” or bring something out of the dream, or something.

    I guess the inverse of this episode would be a guest star who’s figured they’re in a sequence of fabricated realities and trying (and failing) to tell what is or isn’t real, with our main cast reskinned to fit the reality of the moment while still (incongruously for the reality of the moment) going about their normal activities.

    Next RPG character concept: kevlar pajamas, hair in a Shakespearean skullet, and G’Kar’s persona.

    The guy at the beginning calling Picard over to look a sensor readings, the cut and delivery smells like a cameo to me, but… I guess it’s just an extra and not the best execution.

    Man, if only this great self-aware bit with Troi (as Riker’s lashing out on the bridge) weren’t followed by “The Loss” and “Night Terrors.”

    PS: the Derek alt ep link needs updating.

    • …aaand of course I would forget that my first two points get covered by “Frame of Mind.”

    • Riker was also central to “Frame of Mind,” which is another reality-questioning episode. I feel like there’s something there on why he gets all of this stuff, but I can’t put my finger on it.

      The pitch for the inverse sounds a bit like the Voyager episode, “Living Witness.” The aliens see history’s version of Voyager and become less certain about whether that’s really what happened.

      That ensign/LTJG is Gleason. He was also the helmsman on the battle bridge in Best of Both Worlds, Part II. They start introducing recurring, low-ranking crew members around this time (McKnight, Ogawa) and I should probably note that explicitly.

      “The Loss” is bad, but it tried. We haven’t rewatched “Night Terrors” yet, but I remember it being an okay one.

      Thanks for the update on the link. WordPress is rolling out this ‘Gutenberg’ bullshit where everything’s super-reactive. I tried to use a ‘saved block’ feature to use one ep as a template for the next, but the whole system is better for straight-up copying than templating.

      • I don’t know about Riker getting all this stuff. They did give him “Schisms,” but I read “Frame of Mind” as a ‘fixed’ version of “Future Imperfect,” and they did spread this kind of stuff around – “Night Terrors,” “The Mind’s Eye,” “Phantasms,” probably others. …I’m sure I’ve said it before, but it’s nice how badly written stories seem to become springboards for writing better stories. (A couple famously goofy scenes aside, I don’t remember how well “Night Terrors” was executed; could very well be fine.)

        I was picturing something more like “Face of the Enemy” for the inverse, but that’s probably only half; “Living Witness” is a good call for the other half.

        Ogawa’s worth noting, she’s got recurring plot-relevant roles. As much as I like McKnight, can’t really say the same about her, or most of the other extras.

        ‘Gutenberg’, huh? I would’ve thought templating would’ve been one of the first things WordPress mastered.

        • It’s a new templating system. I’m still getting used to it and if I posted episodes early Sunday like I was supposed to, I wouldn’t be rushing through it and getting frustrated. There are legit complaints, but I’m sure they’re working on them.

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