2 comments on “First Contact

  1. If someone told me the Lanel schtick was adapted from an experience one of them had at a convention, I would 100% believe them without hesitation. …looking forward to your run at Galaxy Quest.

    Nice to see Riker in a reversal. Watching as a kid, I don’t think I completely twigged to what “A Matter of Perspective” and “Violations” were saying about him, or how this ep related.

    Hard to say if the episode actually has more diplomatic repartee than other diplomatic episodes, or if the delivery is just more deliberate. I appreciate it either way. Good sign that TNG is hitting its stride that such a difficult topic made for a solid episode.

    Doubt I’m any more aware of weird news than you are.

    • I think the diplomatic parts say a lot in that they obviously show what happens, but they also let you anticipate what doesn’t happen. When a story can make you expect one story and then it tells another, it can harmonize stories. It’s hard to do though.

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