2 comments on “Final Mission

  1. I give it an 8 for disappointment but only a 4 for infuriation. …I almost want to read the Orville’s halloween episode as a “fixed” version of the Wesley plot.

    Having the bridge crew explain how the B-plot plan is bad would’ve been way better than the actual B-plot, yeah. I wonder how often that kind of recursive revision actually makes it into scripts.

    • The Halloween episode with Alara? I can kinda see that, but then again Doom: Repercussions of Evil fixes some of the flaws in the Wesley “plot.”

      I think there was a time in TNG/DS9 where that sort of self-awareness allowed for those kinds of jokes, but I think the self-awareness stopped for a bit ’round Voyager-times before Enterprise got into it again because it was flirting with going full camp.

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