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  1. Does the Data/Soong/Lore arc count as a three(plus) parter? It’s not as tightly grouped as the Borg story, but like the Borg story, it seems like something modern television would handle as a season-long arc.

    • The ‘Sons of Soong’ story is woven into the Hugh story, the Crystalline entity story, and MAYBE the Data’s dreams story, the Data’s mom story, the metaphasic shield story, Generations, and Nemesis.

      Are Datalore, Brothers, and Descent a three-parter? I don’t think there’s the level of consistency between them to make one story. I think they’re just a few chapters in a bigger ‘book of Data,’ the same way Worf’s disillusionment with Klingon culture in “Sins of the Father,” is part of his disillusionment in “Rightful Heir,” but it’s not one story.

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