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  1. [Geordi] You can get that Paramount concept work, but it’ll take fifteen years and a research team of a hundred. [/Geordi] Also, I took the girl here as being genuinely infatuated with Data, not just looking for an unemotional sexdoll; I think your complaints apply more to Tasha’s fling with him.

    Seems like another episode where everything hangs on the quality of the guest actors and, unfortunately, I like the Sheliak’s performance more. And now that I’m older – or maybe I’m just jaded by years of internet discussions – I’m way less sympathetic to Picard’s extra bit of trolling at the end. Nice to get a better look at that golden plaque though.

    It’s interesting that the Sheliak even *care* about abeyance of the treaty. With how totally they outclass the Federation, is the implication that they’re trying to be /nice/? They must regard the Federation fickle, incompetent dicks.

    Pity we never see O’Brien playing cello again. Love the bit with the violinist staring Data down.

    Good on Derek for catching the parallel between Data trying to address an emotional problem and an emotional captain trying to address a logical, data-intensive problem. I missed it. Interesting note also about how American writing has trouble showing failure. Not sure the idea holds up empirically, but there’s definitely something to it, if only in which themes TV *does* choose to push.

  2. Yeah, Picard is being totally petty at this point. It’s satisfying, but not particularly earned when he exhausts every emotional option and resorts to reason.

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