2 comments on “Dead Parent’s Dungeon Dev Blog 01

  1. From the title, I was expecting a Batman RPG.

    Are you familiar with a boardgame called Dungeon Lords? It’s a worker-placement game, but some of the elements you mention here remind me of its adventuring phase.

    Interested to see how DPD will differ from Munchkin, and if the constraints from ‘Airport Magic’ will play into the design at all.

    • Yeah, the constraints of Airport Magic are definitely something I like. Something “cards only.”

      I hadn’t heard of Dungeon Lords until you mentioned it. Thanks by the way; I’ve been trying to acquire as many dungeon games as I can on my budget to get a handle on a well-flooded genre. Always glad to hear about more.

      I read over a (detailed) review of DL and I got the same impression as you. The facet where heroes in the dungeon are assumed to progress as they’re worn down is definitely something I sussed out.

      Despite all of that, I do use die rolls though. I’ve become attached to the dice, but they’re peripherally on the list of things to heavily evaluate in terms of cost versus benefit.

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