2 comments on “Dead Parents Dungeon DB #18 – Skeletons

  1. Remind me: will “baby” cards have their own set skeleton with their own various effects, or are they essentially counters which could be reduced to an event or keyword/icon? Also, do surviving members of a family accumulate screwedness each turn, or is there some other mechanism for making older generations more likely to retire/die than younger ones?

    I realize it’s a little late in the process to be realizing this, but “check for babies” and “retire/kill someone from your oldest generation” almost seem like natural first and last steps for every turn. Also also, don’t remember if this was already in your scheme or not, but: use “marriage” to steal heroes from other players cities/tableaus.

    • – Babies are a color and die. The first generation (starting Adventurers) don’t have one, but the second does. Ideally, that means a 4th generation will have about 3 baby cards. 3rd starts with one and inherits one from 2nd. 4th starts with one and inherits two from 3rd, etc.

      Sadly, I don’t know if the game is going to play out long enough to have that many generations.

      -Screwedness is a priority system originally designed for dungeons. Used to be “most children, most levels, fighter, mage, thief,” but I don’t think I’ve reviewed it since removing levels. Bleh.

      -Cross-family marriage is something I’ve thought of. It’s probably a good idea, especially for a thief-strategy steal strategy. Glad it’s something other folks think of when looking at the system. I tend to be a very “don’t touch my stuff and don’t get my stuff in your stuff” kind of player when it comes to cards, so I’m reluctant to do it.

      As a designer, it’s a flaw; I don’t like infinite combos and a few other things which are design blind spots. TL;DR, it’s good to know it’s not something I should dismiss out of hand.

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