3 comments on “Data’s Day

  1. Data’s “uncredited dance partner” is one of the cleverest things I’ve seen TNG do and I absolutely love it.

    …on the subject of nerdy minutiae, I have to question Data describing this as “an ordinary day.” Four promotions seems a little high for the Enterprise’s complement, especially with only two personnel transfers and zero retirements. I guess it could be the peak of a week’s activity.

    It’s always nice to show off the cast’s other talents. Crusher being so secretive about her past as the “dancing doctor” very briefly put a more interesting spin on how she met Picard, but I guess her, him & Jack stuck to more cultured lounges with tap dance and harp playing and so on.

    • Maybe they do promotions once a month or something and the “average day” includes events of no great departure from routine?

      I’m sure one of the novels covers the actions that awkward love triangle when they were younger.

      • “No great departure” sounds right. I’m trying to make a generator to automatically spit out a year of RPG events, and figuring out which and how many of these “ordinary” things are worth including is… it’s a whole thing.

        Somehow I have the feeling that “Young Picard” novels would rate about the same as “Young Indiana Jones.” More pointing out that Crusher’s secretiveness tells a story with the chance to enrich the viewer, and the writers abandoned that in favor of a spectacular gag.

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