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  1. It’s refreshing to get this idea that the Death Sta–I mean, Galaxy Class Starship–may have a design flaw, and the idea isn’t treated as unprecedented or as a sure sign of sabotage.

    Wonder if the Iconians stand in for the ancient civilization from “The Slaver Weapon.”

    …is Picard’s away team searching Iconia on foot?

    Can a ship’s location be determined by intercepting communications between it and another ship? (*Can* communications be intercepted?)

    I like Tasha’s replacement. Quite a few speaking lines for someone who’s basically one-off set dressing; pity you have to get rid of so many bridge officers before that happens.

    • Forgot to edit the line about comm’s. Basically, I know they’re never going to get into the mechanics of how comms work, but at the same time, I wish they’d get into the mechanics of it for RPG reasons. Like, maybe the Yamato’s initial transmission to the Enterprise wasn’t line-of-sight, but once they get each other’s coordinates wouldn’t they have been using line-of-sight comms and therefore left the Romulans almost zero chance to intercept? So if the Romulans have a good chance of intercepting comms, that implies communications *aren’t* line of sight, but they’re not necessarily omnidirectional either. Tachyons, man.

      • Glad to see your comments are working again. They’re not even flagged as potential spam like they used to be; I think they all automatically go through now. I didn’t do anything but update my plug-ins which…might have been a thing. 🙁

        “…is Picard’s away team searching Iconia on foot?”

        Don’t get me started on planetary surveys conducted by less than a half-dozen people. Planets are big, yo.

        As for communications, I think it’s a safe assumption that they’re still working from radio as a model. Omnidirectional and nominally encrypted. It’s also possible a cloaked ship between two ships could intercept line of sight communications. If the cloak absorbs and then instantly copies and redirects all EM/gravitic/bullshit signals, cloaked ships would be great EW platforms.

        OTOH, if they bend those signals around themselves then the cloaked ship would be flying blind. By altering the cloak to allow the cloaked ship to intercept a signal, the signal would be stopped or degraded enough to alert the ship receiving the message.

        The simplest answer seems to be the “like radio but not because reasons.” Personally it’s a bit disappointing that the Romulans are cheating off of Starfleet’s homework here, but the end result is serviceable.

        • Using the radio model, I guess (in general, not for this episode specifically) we just assume covert listening posts are a thing? They don’t seem to get mentioned much.

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