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  1. I could see a different version of this episode as a spy-vs-spy between someone having a birthday and someone planning a surprise party. Then someone puts their faith in Data, Data promises discretion then immediately turns around and betrays their questionable activity to the chief of security.

    Great catch with Gainan’s disinterest being part of the foreshadowing.

    The “sometimes you’re just helpless / the best course is to do nothing” theme Derek suggested is a rough one; I just watched a sequence of Voyager eps where the “protagonists” have zero agency, and it’s super unsatisfying.

    Hate to mention it but “fanatic xenophobe space cloud” reminds me of the aliens avenging themselves on Q back in “Deja Q.” (…not that all space clouds look the same to me, some of my best friends are space clouds, etc.)

    With no offense to Star Trek, my course for on-boarding someone to sci-fi would probably consist of Asimov, Gibson & Philip K Dick anthologies. …y’know, there’s that big project to distill and classify all myths into a unified family tree, so I wonder if a similarly encyclopedic taxonomy exists for sci-fi concepts.

    • A list of introductory sci-fi would be an interesting one. I’ve wondered about personal bibliographies. Like, “you’re going to have a conversation with Kris. Here’s some recommended reading…”

      I feel it very sharply every time we make a Stellaris joke during the podcast, but there’s no way to do that cultural head-butt of exposition, so the option is try to make it stand on its own.

      The Data birthday party betrayal would be a nice way to play him being non-human. We’re almost to “In Theory,” which I’m really looking forward to.

  2. Also, I don’t remember if the post was always like this, but right now it does not actually contain links to the podcast.

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