Morning Perfect Base is coming back next week (this week was a bit crazy).

It will replace Minecraft News for Adults. Monday through Thursday will be news. Generally, four positive, neutrally-toned science-y, law-ey, current events news articles in ten-minute videos (I’ll probably have to shift back to fifteen). There will be occasional, more downbeat, social/political content (still working through ratios).

Fridays will be the Disco Comics and personal stuff I usually reserve for the end of MCNFA. Weekly playlists will go up Saturday mornings.

A shift from the scripted (overscripted?) MCNFA to the more improvised MPB means I’m gonna shift more to proper writing. It also means I’ll be covering things in a bit less depth. Always interested to hear requests to delve more deeply into something or to cover a popular news article.

I’m still working on it. It’s taking a while to really quantify what went wrong with the Combat of the playtest. Mostly because that rolls into the larger problems and that naturally leads me into pitching solutions.

My deal is that even if solutions make more complexity, I’ll walk down that garden path a bit and pare it back a bit later. I mean, “wherefore equipment?” “seven stages of combat and only one card type affects each one” “dice for village actions” “theytriarch cards and you” “monsters should kill everyone because A) Monsters & B) It’s Written On The Box” “were coins that bad?” “If that’s a whole village, shouldn’t it have at least one consequential gameplay mechanic?”

It’s a process and I haven’t sat down and dedicated time to typing it all out.

I think Derek’s most charitable laugh happens early in this episode, but I think our synergy is off here.

Also, we’re offering a $1000 reward for official Paramount Pictures concept work regarding Data’s D:\.

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MCNFA Season 2, Episode 2

Links are below:

Swatting Story


Cities Sue Military to Enforce Gun Laws



North Carolina Last Year

Alabama Last Year

UPDATE: The Supreme Court has ordered a stay, pending their review of other partisan gerrymandering cases. North Carolina will have an election under the gerrymandered map.

The episodes from season one:

Tolls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7Kr5_Yj4bY

Gerrymandering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wtb6w2F2KQ4

(Most) Every Thursday, I make a brief development blog on my card/board game, Dead Parents Dungeon (DPD). It’s a fantasy-themed, light-hearted game about families and dungeons.

Current Progress: First Playtest Complete

So, I finally got the beta cards made up and did a playtest. I used the old Monster cards from the first beta and newer Adventurers, Heirlooms, Rumors, and Twist!s. The good news is that it was exactly the kind of trainwreck I anticipated.

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The Last Jedi

I tend to take notes while I watch movies. Then, I transcribe those notes here when I’m done. I recently watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so here it is. Text is what what written, information in [[double brackets]] are after-the-fact notes.

The Last Jedi

Between black listing and just punching out of internet conversations where it came up, the backlash I’ve seen against The Last Jedi has been muted and undirected. Some of the socially aware folks I follow are discontent and the folks who’d call them “SJWs” who occasionally float across my dash also seem unhappy, but with a duller focus than I usually see from them.

People have even dredged through and compiled Mark Hamill interviews with a fervor that either represents their moral outrage or an equally strong desire to get Mark Hamill fired from Star Wars forever, the dicks.

Anyway, the pre-movie ads are still up so I’ll fill some more time. [[TLJ apparently thought it assert its dominance over me in the ‘filling time’ competition]]

I’m watching the AVX version or the BMX version. Whatever bullshit theater upgrade they only put in two theaters so they can charge $2 extra to folks who couldn’t make the earlier show because their car was acting up. Whatever. It’s just $2 [[And my car barely started when I left, so that’s a win]].

But seriously, how much bass does the “silence your cell phones” PSA need?

Fuck man, the lights literally just went down and this bitch in front of me immediately pulled up Facebook on their fucking phone.

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