Tuesday Videos

Last week I talked about 9/11(film) a real name of a real movie about 9/11 (event) which was released (around? in? caddy-who-give-a-shit?) Comic-Con. Here’s many other things:

I never saw Kingsmen. It seems cool. I’d watch this (except I won’t).

Stranger Things is objectively great (no, I haven’t seen it). The most remarkable thing about this is that they don’t play “Thriller” at the end despite my rising anticipation, which means I’ve somehow been cockblocked by the absence of Michael Jackson.

As you may or may not remember, my biggest complaint with Discovery was that it treats, ‘we have to fire first’ as a patch that fixes something that isn’t wrong with Star Trek in the first place. This trailer restores a little bit of my faith.

Also, Harry Mudd is a psychopath played by Dwight from The Office (US). I’m surprisingly ambivalent about this.

I feel stupid for thinking that Preacher (TV series) couldn’t be as crazy as “Preacher” (comic).

I’m…not gonna watch this. It doesn’t–the tone and visuals do not match and it looks like hot garbage. You’ve done a lot of work loosening us up over the last eight years, Marvel Studios, but you just can’t plunge this into us dry. Where’s the lube-extruding inhuman, Inhumans?

It’s like if Alien Nation had a baby with Shadowrun. Why does this get a pass and Inhumans doesn’t? Fuck me if I know. Or, actually, you can just fuck me in any case, Bright. Lemme know what time is good for you.

Have you tried fucking all the way off and back on again?

I sometimes forget why I don’t watch this show. Then I remember (1) basic cable (2) not Rick and Morty.

Rick and Morty returns July 30.


…what do you mean, “Queued for August 1”?