Tuesday Videos

I know a lot of folks are ironically over these. “Oh, a movie with too many superheroes in it. How droll.” That’s fair I guess.

I’ve enjoyed The Avengers movies and Civil War, but they’ve been a case study–like a study one could undertake because it’s a perfect case–of me liking the promise of a thing that never seems to deliver on that promise.

Also, I don’t know if it’s because of the video about it, but I noticed the Avengers theme. I know they’ve used it a lot in other movies, but now I’m noticing it. Did the Marvel guys push it harder because of the video? Or am I just noticing it because of the video?

On a weird note, the “Every Frame A Painting Guys” announced they were retiring recently (on a quick review, they haven’t made a video in about a year).

Q Who

I’m holding onto this “Q is a benign, albeit adversarial, guide for humanity” idea for as long as I can.

Sometime in Season 3 if I remember correctly.

I think I was wrong about the number of Borg episodes in The Next Generation. I think it’s six, including this one. The Borg cast a big shadow over the series though, especially season three. I knock Voyager for running them into the ground, but what could have been a better villain for Voyager? Could you have made anything as iconic as the Borg when Voyager was on the air?

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This series has made me want to run a game again.

But also, declaring joint victory is cheap. Why not just set up and immediately have everyone agree to a joint victory? JV’s just sound like, “Choose N friends of X friends. Fuck X-N friends.” It’s arbitrary.

Good video though.