2 comments on “Brothers

  1. Huh, Lore was initially willing to leave the reunion without causing trouble. Go figure.

    I appreciate that the technobabble in this episode is all fairly hands-on stuff that we’ve encountered before. Feels like RPG players trying to combine and repurpose previously successful tricks.

    “I hope we don’t all beam back looking like Data.” Heh.

    Singh being older than Graves, plus disliking Starfleet and living in hiding, might be why I thought he was Khan. I half think Data’s private moment with him at the end was so he could fake his death again.

    • Yeah, everyone looking like Data is such a weird idea. That will never happen. Surely.

      I can see that Soong/Singh thing. Why not? I can’t think of anything you can add to Dr. Soong that would make his character less focused.

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