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  1. “I just want a series about a STEM organization which travels from star to star using science and ingenuity to trial and error their way through problems. Where can I find that? What would it be called?” Hah!

    I kind of agree with Derek about the fast-paced parts (I don’t remember season one being so bad on that point), but I do like the half-panicked helm and navigation; I appreciate that the writers are trying to involve those characters more, even if the action sequence they tacked it onto was nonsense.

    Nitpick: the bridge bunny’s cyber-eye, the steam in the engineering lab, and maybe the guy in the wheelchair too, are there to highlight damage sustained during season one. The robot bridge bunny *is* random flavor, but I’m not gonna complain given I did the same thing with my USS Absolution (https://skiltao.blogspot.com/2016/09/starfleet-starship-uss-absolution.html).

    Leading with actual footage from the actual Saturn probe was really nice.

    …Huh. That trailer they open with for season one, it’s completely unnecessary for this episode. It really is just a trailer to get you to sign up to watch seasone one.

    Aaaaand I guess Disco’s gonna see Michael make out with Spock’s brother.

    • Derek was a bit harder on the show of tech than I was. If anything, bio-aids are weirdly not-present in Trek and the notion that other ‘aberrations’ are quietly ‘fixed’ comes with its own set of problems.

      The half-panicked helm and navigation are funny, I don’t care who you are. But it shifts the tone so drastically.

      What about Michael making out with Sybok?!

      • In the teaser at the end for the rest of season two, Michael snogs a violent Vulcan with mutton chops who was imprisoned and doing crazy-person writing in a season arc about heavenly visions. Plus the episode being titled “brother” when Michael’s existence last season reminded everyone that Spock does have that other sibling. I know IMDB lists him as Spock Voice Over, but really, if you have to guess between Spock and Sybock, that description fits one of ’em a lot better than the other.

        • I think a Sybok-for-Spock switcheroo would make a lot of people unhappy. On the other hand, it would be kind of cool to have all(?) three of Sarek’s kids on an adventure together.

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