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  1. To be fair, Gainan’s lesson is to approach women as people instead of as romantic objects, and Geordi building a rapport with holo-Brahms is just an extended example of that. Not sure how you can call that “losing its message?” A little blind to privacy issues, sure, but those aren’t the message.

    …so, Geordi doesn’t have other Chief Engineers in there with him. I know Star Trek focuses on the main cast, but I thought it was at least pretending that other leadership slots exist.

    Not sure if I’ve ever seen Moonlighting. I’ll put it on the docket somewhere south of Batman.

    Hm. 3D chess variant where Data can capture two pieces in a single move. It would be great if they use different/conflicting rules everytime we see them play.

    Hah, that whole “Ship in a Bottle” exchange.

    Minuet, Moriarty, Lwaxana’s bartender, holo-Brahms… I’m actually a little surprised they didn’t go through the whole cast.

    On a completely unrelated note, the spam filter is still kinda tricky, huh?
    what if it isn’t spam
    what if the internet is sentient and it just wants to be friendly

    • I mean, Geordi learns to see a hologram as a person. He does engage her first as a professional and then as a woman, so I can see how the episode tries to follow that thread through. I feel like it’s undercut by the fact that she’s a hologram.

      The follow-up episode does a good job of addressing that though, even if I’ve got my own litany of complaints against it.

      I’ll second complaints about every senior person on the Enterprise always being the only one. It’s frustrating.

      As far as the spam filter, I think it’s gotten used to you. The last post of yours it caught was the one with the links in it, which is pretty standard spam filter stuff.

  2. I know I said I liked how the last episode brought up the issue of mines without making it central to the episode, but I should probably qualify that by saying I don’t dislike how this ep handles it. And, knowing now that “The Bonding” had its alien plot rewritten to match its A-plot, I have to wonder if earlier drafts of that B-plot were redeveloped into the B-plot here.

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