3 comments on “A Matter of Perspective

    • I do see you opened the other post with basically this same joke; really, I’m just making sure that both posts really are meant to link to the same file.

  1. Usually it’s the episodes you like that are hard to chatter about.

    Kinda surprised you guys pitched “A Wolf in the Fold” as the better story. I guess more could’ve been done with space law and state vs federal power, but taking Federation officials out of it or letting Picard refuse extradition seems to just erase the story completely.

    The general ending here – the device being responsible – might be obvious early on, but I still enjoyed trying to reconstruct the fourth, untold version of events. Picard’s “we haven’t seen what actually happened” line was too on the nose for me, but I did appreciate how he used the opposition’s testimonies to build his case against Krieger.

    PS: this blurb is more original. Delete the other one.
    PPS: on one hand, I want to fault Netflix for putting spoilers in their thumbnails; but on the other hand, it’s not like I’d get to hear Derek’s reaction the first time he watches it anyways.

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