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Unedited, slightly incoherent, and mostly redundant, The Beige and The Bold Solo Sessions are episodes where I run through a show without Derek. Solo Sessions are published when production difficulties prevent the posting of a new, original episode on Mondays. To break tradition somewhat I’m going to be watching the much-touted episode of Black Mirror, “USS Callister.”

I watched “Bandersnatch” before and was a bit disappointed. I’ll be honest: Black Mirror has been nothing if not consistent for me. Are these episodes really the best the series has to offer? I keep hearing good things, but I’m not interested in a pointless, techno-scare circle-jerk.

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Gahncai: I can’t fight here. It’s too narrow. These goblins are just chewing on me.
Rulah: Take Ularon back. I’ll do it.
Gahncai: Can you climb over me a little more gently?
Rulah: Fill less of this crevasse.
Goblins: Skree!
Gahncai: Can you get less fire on me?
Rulah: Fill less of this crevasse.
Gahncai: Some of these goblins are stabbing past you and into me.
Rulah: Fill. Less. Of this. Crevasse.