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No surprise this one was a reworked Phase II story, which I’m surprised that I–having read the Phase II scripts–didn’t catch. It makes a lot of sense when you view this through the lens of The Original Series. Or maybe just through the lens of TOS’ lowered expectations.

Making legal quibbles might be criticizing deck chair colors on a sinking ship, but that’s my specialty. They call “jury trials” “jury trials,” but they call “judge trials” just “trials.” That’s my only point–THEY HAD A JAG OFFICER IN SEASON TWO!

This episode isn’t bad, it’s just goofy nonsense that’s not really goofy enough. It’s a good concept too–this is basically the plot of Watchmen a thousand years on, with sleight-of-hand instead of a giant, exploding, telepathic squid.

Of all the takes, “Devil’s Due” is the least cynical, but they’re based on a reality of our own actions. Does global warming reflect poorly on humanity, or just our most powerful members?

Reminding you that if you’re listening to a Star Trek podcast you are–statistically–one of those members.

Also, Constantin Stanislavsky was a real actor, Stella Adler was a real lady, and Garnav is made up, so exactly what we thought.

Link to the opening credits of “Dawn of the Dead”:

And link to Mitchell and Webb’s “Remain Indoors”:

It’s also the plot of South Park’s “Nobody Got Cereal?” episode, which WAS goofy enough.

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Rulah: 5, 10, 15…
Bria: Why don’t you wear armor?
Rulah: I do, I just don’t wear thirty kilograms of plate mail. I’m going to check on Gahncai’s flank.
Bria: It’s Shadow Iron!
Rulah: But it can’t protect everything!
Gahncai: All armor is ridiculous.
Rulah: 5, 10, 15…
Bria: Common fallacy; armor has flaws, but even useful things have flaws.
Gahncai: What about chinks in your armor?
Bria: I’d rather have flawed armor than no—ow!
Rulah: What?
Bria: Nothing. Just a small…knife in my elbow.

We’re finally out of the war and Star Trek: Discovery has set a completely different tone with Science Officer Douchenozzle, Engineer Barzan Lady, and Captain Cool Dad.

Derek and I both were hoping for a season with a little more focus than the last, but it looks like Captain Cool Dad was right, “if you don’t get your expectations up, you can’t be disappointed.” On the other hand, we give the complete absence of first-Klingon-in-Starfleet Voq nineteen Klingon chromosomes out of twenty three.

Are we asking too much of this show? I feel like I’m being very fair. Is Derek now a real Star Trek fan now that he’s saying new Star Trek Thing isn’t Star Trek? I’m so proud!

Season 2, Episode 1 of Star Trek: Discovery is currently on YouTube.

Don’t read the comments.

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