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It sounds like the cardstock for most Magic cards made since Amonkhet has been bad. I’ve bought a few cards and they seem kinda crappy. Could be the power of suggestion, but I see a lot of pics of curled cards and I’ve seen The Professor’s video and read that post from the card stock guy and mostly, seen folks talk and talk and talk about it.

The pictures of curved cards are great. The open letters are adorable. The saga of returning bent cards to Wizards of the Coast’s customer service is gripping. The personal oaths to not buy more cards are—if I say so myself—brave.

But seriously, could all of you who are passionate about this get your shit together, get organized, and, y’know, do stuff to get the thing you want? It’s like watching folks posting pictures of a fire to instagram, live from the showroom floor of The Fire Extinguisher and Above Ground Pool Expo.

Magic players want to fix this, but no one seems organized enough to generate pressure on Wizards of the Coast to achieve that end. I’d be happy to forward folks I speak with to y’all, but where would I send them?

I’m not an expert on this shit, but I’m just going to shoot some ideas from the hip: you should get a name, set up some kind of virtual homebase, articulate your issue in specific terms, explain to folks how it affects them, make specific demands, and form a plan of action to press Wizards to meet those demands.

Again, I am an idiot who doesn’t know anything about organizing, but I’ve got an evening’s worth of work to put off and I can’t drink this month, so have an evening of idle thought on how to actually do this shit:

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I saw this mentioned on Tumblr recently and thought I’d spend some time toying with it. I don’t have time to dig into it and it’s not the kind of project that’d be satisfying, even if I did. So here are my notes from a few hours’ work.

The Whiteboard – The Whiteboard is a list of the ideas that should be included when exploring an idea. Reference here (

Cattle Drives
Small Towns
Civil War Veterans
Gold Mines and Boomtowns
Federal Agents
Crooked Families
Jail Sieges (Rio Bravo)
Mountains, Forests, Plains, Deserts, Mesas
Madams and ladies of the evening

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Should the Romulan they found have had some well-buried desire to live? Oh yeah. Derek was even right about Worf reading between the lines on that one. Alas.

Still though, I really like this episode because it’s good to have a Geordi episode which lacks a certain level of…romantic complexity.

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We’re jumping ahead because it seemed like a good time to cover this episode right after David Ogden Stiers passed instead of interjecting, a “remember when this guy died a year ago?” when we actually got to the episode. Especially given the nature of the episode, it seemed apropos to jump around. I don’t expect we’ll be doing this for anyone else.*

I wouldn’t really trade Lwaxanna Troi’s ‘Auntie Mame in space’ schtick for anything, but I’m so glad this show decided to add some depth to her. The character deserves it and Majel Barrett-Roddenberry deserved it.

Oh, and I checked the numbers; it takes light hundreds of thousands of years to move from the sun’s core to its surface. We accept Star Trek’s various sun bombs for dramatic purposes, but they are silly. Suns are big and writers don’t know scale.

And Rizzoli and Isles isn’t from the eighties and David Ogden Stiers wasn’t a title character; he played the adoptive father of one of the title characters. Research is important, kids.

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*When I say, “anyone else,” if a main cast member does die while we’re making these, we’ll probably jump to one of their best episodes like we did with Nimoy.