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I know a lot of folks are ironically over these. “Oh, a movie with too many superheroes in it. How droll.” That’s fair I guess.

I’ve enjoyed The Avengers movies and Civil War, but they’ve been a case study–like a study one could undertake because it’s a perfect case–of me liking the promise of a thing that never seems to deliver on that promise.

Also, I don’t know if it’s because of the video about it, but I noticed the Avengers theme. I know they’ve used it a lot in other movies, but now I’m noticing it. Did the Marvel guys push it harder because of the video? Or am I just noticing it because of the video?

On a weird note, the “Every Frame A Painting Guys” announced they were retiring recently (on a quick review, they haven’t made a video in about a year).

Pen Pals

At long last we reach the end of our marathon. It was a lot of fun, put pretty demanding. Star Trek usually has some principles behind its characters actions. I’ve been frustrated at times when Voyager, Enterprise, and The Orville have moments where the rationale of the crew is based entirely on irrational, emotional drives and this is one of those frustrating times when the TNG crew ventures into that territory.

Oh well, I’ll just be over here imagining stories where Tryla Scott solves all of these problems in one third of the time.

Also, I’m sorry about the doorbell and dogs in the audio here. It’s a danger of the format and not paying for time in a recording studio every week.

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