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We missed a lot of opportunities here. Salia’s ability to shapeshift seems like an apt (if accidental) transgender analogy. At which point in the relationship should that come up? Wesley’s reaction works for both cases. Admittedly, we came down pretty hard on him. I think Derek said “alt-right,” like, four times.

On the other hand, IS Salia a manic pixie dream girl? I dismissed it out of hand because I bought into Derek’s question as an either/or. This perfect woman who exists free of her own baggage to help Wesley out with his because she’s composed of infinite patience and love? I think the MPDG exists because some writers create the woman they would have liked when they were younger. To Salia’s credit, she does have her own issues and she and Wesley tangle each other up in a way that feels more real. I think we all agree that she needed more characterization.

This is the first of six streaming episodes, which we streamed on Twitch back in September. I hope you all enjoyed and if you wanted another stream, let me know.

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