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Angel One

The real struggle of the men in “Angel One” is that they’re not in power. That’s worth a whole discussion, but there’s too much happening in this episode to really dwell on that.

The awkward sex things you can blame on Derek and me (as opposed to early TNG being early TNG) is strictly the result of me trying to “yes and” Derek. Developing new skills is never easy.

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This is me not saying “AndORian” for about thirteen agonizing minutes. You’re welcome.

Blonde actress’ name is–I think–Holly Guess. We like her character and Ms. Guess is a gem here, a real diamond in the terrible acting. 

Some people say to this day that if you say the word “frontier” three times, you can hear James Culhane moan through the trees.

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In early January, Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway defended President Trump’s mocking of a disabled reporter by acting amazed that the American public takes elected leaders at their word. “Look into his heart,” she said. Just a day later, during the Senate confirmation hearings for Trump’s proposed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, one of my senators–John Cornyn–broke out the same line. “We know your heart,” he comforted the pick.

And that would be possible if we were Deanna Troi or the Martian Manhunter. But us humans generally only have two ways to know what’s in someone’s heart; what they say and what they do.

Now you can’t always judge a person by what they say. Liars lie to convince others to help them or not to oppose them because if they told the truth, those other people would oppose or abandon them. They are afraid of people realizing what they’re really up to.

Breezing over the fact that President Trump is an established liar and the supporting evidence that his own advisor has said not to listen to anything he says, Trump has called for not allowing American Muslims into the country. He has encouraged our enemies to hack into his political opponents. He has called for the shooting of his political opponents. He claimed without evidence that the election was rigged when it looked like he was going to lose. Then he claimed without evidence that the election was rigged when he got fewer votes than his opponent. Then he claimed in defiance of plain facts that he had a historic electoral college victory when his margin of victory was in the lower half of all presidential contests.

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What is Lore’s motivation? Is he in love with The Crystalline Entity? Did he initially admire it from afar before being convinced to start serially selling out humans? Also, who disassembled Lore in that tiny window between when he sold the colony out to The Crystalline Entity and when everyone was killed? Where was Data during all of this if we assume Data spent time active with the colonists?

So many questions.

Also Marc Okrand is the guy who wrote the Klingon Dictionary. Not Michael Okuda.

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I’ve been trying to get these out for a while; news reports the culminate in an opinion piece that rolls into standard geek/personal news. This one feels like I spun out towards the news/opinion, kinda passing the Cooper Range, breezing through the Rather Belt, and tumbling straight past the Limbaugh Limit and landing in the outer edges of Alex Jones Junction.

I sound a little crazy at the end is what I’m saying, and I think it’s a combination of failure to edit the script and veering off script and using the wrong words to express what I mean.

MCNFA is a motivation to write and a low-effort project that makes me feel constructive. Title cards, second takes, and additional editing runs are all on the short list of basic improvements. Always interested in feedback.

Of course Gorsuch loves South Africa. Conservatives are an entrenched minority now. Trump won the presidency using a mechanism reserved for minority voters. The gerrymandered House of Representatives is designed to preserve Republican majorities in the face of Democratic numerical superiority.

Conservatives are obsessed with revoking citizenship over something as pithy as flag-burning. And Trump’s dedicated to reinstituting torture is part of a campaign to redefine what they can do to non-citizens to be more open-ended. Y’know, revoke the rights of citizens for slights against institutions then torture them…just ‘cause.

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You know how some things are short and sweet?

“A Rock and a Hard Place” is a short episode. I mean, it’s good and bad, but it’s a way for fans to have fun first and a Star Trek facsimile second. Strangely, I think we both enjoyed it on that level. Derek’s expectation that Starfleet officers smile when they get stabbed is disturbingly accurate.


Starship Farragut, “A Rock and a Hard Place” can be found at

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Disco Comics 
18 Days
Issue #2 (2015)

Uh…not a porn comic. What is up with humans and sexy blue humanoids? What is our deal?!

Writer: Grant Morrison, Gotham Chopra, Sharad Devarajan
Art: Joevan J. Kang

Before reading 18 days, I committed to going over each issue individually, as opposed to my bulk run.

This is another issue of this war story where no war happens. Our main character(?), Yu dish sheds his armor and seeks the blessing of the three superwarriors who serve evil king something (Duryodhana). He gets the blessings and some bog-standard prophecies which would be pretty cozy in the theaters of Ancient Greece.

They they leave and a traitor joins them. The styles and establishment are broad enough that it all clicked when I learned it was based on the–fucking bear with me here–Mahabharata, an ancient sanskrit text which dates back to 400 BC.

That’s it. Everyone states prophecies which will happen, rules they won’t break (which they probably will) and there’s a traitor. It’s good, actually, just not complex. I’m a big fan of heroes with codes. My only real gripe is that I just know the battle itself is going to be a disappointing mess.

Blue Victims

So I still can’t believe that no one went to jail for the death of Freddie Gray. I have to double check Wikipedia every time I think of it. Dude was in police custody for having a knife. He was in a coma when they arrived at the station. His neck was 80% severed. He lived a week and the coroner ruled it a suicide.

The corner matched wounds on Gray’s neck to bolts in the van. Eyewitnesses to his arrest were later arrested at gunpoint by the Baltimore Police Department. Eventually, the officers suspended w/out pay. Suspended.

The prosecutor brought depraved heart murder and manslaughter charges against six officers. A jury cleared one. Judges cleared two. The other three had their cases dropped. The officers put up a combined bail of over a million dollars. Then five of those officers turned around and sued the prosecutor. For the audacity–presumably–of believing police are responsible for the deaths of people in their custody.

Unanswered: Who the fuck killed Freddie Gray?

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