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Unedited, slightly incoherent, and mostly redundant, The Beige and The Bold Solo Sessions are practice sessions where I run through an episode without Derek to polish my presentation before actual episodes are recorded. Solo Sessions are published when production difficulties prevent the posting of a new, original episode on Mondays.

I’m spending the rest of the day queuing up Solo Sessions to automatically post in case I’m behind the curve on getting new episodes up on time in the future.

I sincerely apologize for the delays.


You’ve heard about Flint, MI, a city of 100,000 people. In 2012 the city was placed under emergency management by the state of Michigan due to its excessive debt. A series of unelected city managers were installed to run it and those managers changed Flint’s water suppliers to save about $5 million. During the gap in coverage between the two suppliers–around April of 2014–the city was switched to its backup water source, the Flint River.

The Flint River is polluted with factory runoff and contains high chlorides from road salt runoff. Residents immediately noticed a change in water quality and in late April, coliform bacteria were detected in the city water as a result of testing. Later, high levels of trihalomethane were detected, a result of the water plant’s overuse of chlorine to stop the bacteria.

The plant also neglected to use orthophosphates to remove lead from the water. When the chlorides in the water leached lead out of Flint’s old piping, the doubled source of lead in the city’s water created a lead crisis. As an aside–the city also suffered the largest outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease–a water-borne illness–in the past ten years.

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Space Pug Monkeys or Bat-Eared Pugs? You decide. here’s another episode where McCoy is a terrible doctor and an okay spy. Or maybe a terrible spy.

Also it turns out we’re watching one more episode of The Animated Series than we originally expected.

The monkeys Derek was referencing were Capuchins. Wikipedia confirms they’re all thieves.

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So a Missouri school district has announced a policy to treat all fights as felonies

Arrest of children by officers correlates with worse academic performance, non-graduation, and a continued criminal history throughout life. Charging kids with crimes isn’t an answer. Prisons do remove harmful folks from society, but too many times they’re used as retribution instead of rehabilitation. A way to take people we call bad and to make them vaguely suffer, out of sight and out of mind.

Kids or no, incarceration is a blow to someone’s future and if that blow is the intent of the criminal justice system, the jail doesn’t seem necessary; the conviction should be enough punishment on its own. But it’s not; people should be locked up in order to allow for the development of skills which allow them to succeed in society according to the social and legal rules we have collectively created. Imprisonment should not then come with the weight of conviction which weighs down a criminal’s job prospects and civil rights.

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Man, we messed up badly on this one. Auntie Mame was a novel before it was a movie, not a play. Gene Roddenberry’s right-hand man was Maurice Hurley, who hadn’t even joined the series at this point. Troi is empathic, not telepathic.

I think Derek even called Picard “Riker” somewhere in there.

Nailed that “Take On Me” reference though.

This is a fun episode that–new agey stuff aside–doesn’t let go of serious themes like social pressure, the adult/parent relationship, and ladies with cheese-grater abs. I hope you forgive us of the shortcomings of this episode. As always, complaints can be directed to @vanvelding on Twitter.

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The galaxy is about thirTEEN billion years old. Not three to four. Sorry. At least that inaccuracy distracts from the continued weirdness of Star Trek and cats and women. Institutionalized beastiality? Women who can’t consent? Women who can’t not consent? Uncomfortable.

Heavy Metal was released in 1981 and Voltron was 1984 so they’re not contemporary, but Scooby-Doo’s 1969 air date very much is.

Also it turns out that Kzinti were going to be included in Enterprise before it was canceled. That almost makes Enterprise intriguing.

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So on Thursdays, my local game store has their Commander/EDH nights for Magic: the Gathering. In an effort to get out of the house more, I usually head over and play.

I got there early, as usual, and used the time to retool the deck I planned on using, Slide. Slide’s commander is Mayael, the Anima.

The Mayael deck likes big creatures, but in EDH, big creatures are big targets. The best way to drop a few creatures and get some use out of them is to give them haste. Ergo, Slide is also known by it’s battlecry, “Fuck yeah, hasting Eldrazi.”

I hadn’t played slide since Battle for Zendikar came out, so it had a lot of new Eldrazi that needed to be added to it and I’d learned a bit about the local metagame too (what’s everyone playing and what do I need to play in response). I removed a few Eldrazi that weren’t pulling their weight and added some cards like Manamorphose that would move me closer to stronger cards. I also tuned the mana base to make sure that I could cast the deck’s few spells that needed colored mana.

“I’m sorry Mr. One, we’re looking for someone a bit less ‘Green but worse.'”

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As you know, I rarely watch movies. When I do, I take notes during movies and the post them on the internet after the movie. This time it’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  Notes made after the movie are in brackets.

I want to preface this by saying I was skeptical. It billed itself as a serious war movie when Star Wars is generally a light fairy tale with laser swords. I’m not a blood and guts guy, but before going in I called that the more main cast members died, the more I’d like this movie. Death doesn’t necessarily make a movie serious or good, but I expected that paradigm to work for this one.


Spiderman: Homecoming (aka Spiderman I, Volume 3) – The split between the boat scene is reminiscent of Spiderman II, Volume 1. Looks okay though. That kid’s face is too young for that body though.

??? – Is this a Breakfast Club remake? Terry whispered it’s Power Rangers. They’ve remade it as a stock superhero movie, which makes sense. Not leading with the fact that it’s a Power Rangers movie and not showing the costumes doesn’t bode well. I would have preferred the Breakfast Club remake. [I’m starting a rumor right now that Universal Pictures scrapped a BC remake.]

MORE Pirates of the Caribbean – I don’t think that’s the title of it but it might as well be.


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Hide and Q

The streak of callbacks to TOS episodes continues. Naked Time and Naked Now is obvious, but there’s also Journey to Babel and Lonely Among Us and The Apple and Justice. Even next week’s episode is somewhat reminiscent of Amok Time.

But what about the Picard/Riker bromance? Most of Picard’s crew are hand-picked folks who are new to their position. Did he pick folks because they didn’t have that experience? It’s presumed he spent his time since the destruction of the Stargazer doing admin on Earth; was he grooming these kids?

All weird, Professor-X stuff aside, does the Picard/Riker implicit trust and respect thing work? Has it been sufficiently established?

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The Andorian Commander, Thelin th’Valrass does die in the prime universe. 🙁

The Canadian beach on D-Day was Juno Beach. The American Beaches were Omaha and Utah. The British beaches were Sword and Gold.

Speed Racer had 52 episodes from early 1966 to early 1968, running two-thirds as long as Star Trek.

A hard cut is when you cut from one scene to another without a transition. So basically no scenes in Star Wars ever.