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So a while back I laid down a thorough description of why Star Trek V: The Final Frontier wasn’t well-received. In that same breath, I maybe offered offered my services as a shitter-on-things for hire and was immediately asked to do a similar takedown for my favorite movie from The Next Generation era: Star Trek Insurrection.

There’s very little I could say about Insurrection which hasn’t been said by Red Letter Media. RLM is a set of hack frauds who actually make movies and they cover the technical failures of the movie in terms of effects, stunts, plotholes, and costumes.

If you want all four, you can go here:

If you’ve already seen it or if you don’t care to watch a Star Trek review punctuated by random screams and jokes about an alcoholic murder killing women, I’ll continue.
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Spock’s Brain

It’s strange, but Derek and I rarely fight during bad episodes. “Spock’s Brain” is an exception to that rule. I’m saying it’s bad. He’s saying I’m not saying it’s bad strongly enough.

He might be right. We usually mention bad episodes at least having good bones, but at best this one has some broken cartilage inside of a mutilated flesh bag. I dunno, does it feel like there’s anything in here about taboos over organ replacement?

The Beastie Boy’s song referring to the “pinch on the neck from Mr. Spock” was “Intergalactic.” The one where they dressed up in Star Trek uniforms and fought was “”Ch-Check it out.” We will come back to that.

Finally, the Semisonic song I was talking about was “Never You Mind,” which is a personal favorite.

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The Mark of Gideon

You remember how we agreed on things last week? That’s over. I’m gettin’ better at gettin’ over that. I really wanna focus on the PC/NPC divide and how it’s exemplified in this episode. Also, Derek needs more imaginary story to make this imaginary story feel important.

This might be my first non-sexual use of the word “lick these balls.” This might also be the episode that puts Season 3 under the NSFW tag on iTunes.

I got sprung a bit here and forgot there is totally a scene with Odona and Hodin where she’s completely up on what’s happening and lying the whole time. Sorry.

The Community episode was “Regional Holiday Music.” Apparently Spoilers: JFK Dies is a Hulu series. Not Amazon. My bad. I’m also working on that thing where my sentences trail off like a question. Derek walked into my Wolverine rebuttal the comic was Star Trek/X-Men, released in 1996.

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The Empath

Derek really likes this one and I only think it’s okay! Sound the alarm and alert the villagers! I like an episode less than Derek! Still, it’s strange that we tend to like episodes more when they don’t have a romance. Funny, that.

Also, I got to mention The Prisoner and Secret Wars, so you know I’m happy anyway.

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We end up arguing D&D stats on this episode, ad infinitum because there’s so little else to cover.

We talk a little evil, but the episode falls far short of demonstrating any actual evil. It’s disappointing. Can’t wait for “Skin of Evil.”

Follow-up: The other Celene Dion song is “It’s All Coming Back.”