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god i HATE the way crime shows aggressively push the idea that only guilty people (or occasionally innocent but morally repugnant people) want lawyers when talking to the police.

it’s one of the most harmful lies on tv honestly because it encourages real people to waive their right to counsel making it vastly easier for cops to take advantage of them, lie to them, railroad them etc. regardless of your guilt or innocence, if you’re suspected of a crime, you need a lawyer.

I take notes when I watch movies and after the movies, I post those notes on the internet. These are my notes for Captain America: Civil War. Notes made after the movie are made in <<>>’s.

Lethal Weapon again. It’s a weird movie, but we love it.
Beyonce dance and sing-along. Sounds like an idea.
Independence Day II trailer…still ‘mech.
Oh gods, Dr. Strange. Dang, I just imagine that as he’s walking up the steps a Tardis appears, obscuring him and The Doctor is all, “I’m not that strange,” and it’s a Doctor Who movie.
Rogue One again. This one is still a bit too on the nose. People are angry about the installation of the space laser, that but’s literally how we build carriers. Actually get off the Internet, nerds.

Captain America: Civil War
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Season 2 Supplemental

We talk a little bit about Bjo Trimble, the writing campaign to save Star Trek, and the Twilight Bark of nerds. 

I also establish that I’m really, really bad at analogies and I have nothing but contempt for documentary and William Shatner source of income, Chaos on the Bridge.

It’s possible that in the Season 3 Supplemental we’ll talk a bit about Season 2 given that we’re doing nothing but talking Season 3 here.

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As you know I do, I take notes during movies and the post them on the internet after the movie. This time it’s Keanu. Notes from after the movie are italicized.


Kinda here based on the power of Key and Peele sketches. I mean, sprinting v. running, but I’m still optimistic.


Lethal Weapon…okay.
Pet Cemetery–When did Denise Crosby do this? 1989.
The Nice Guys–Looks good. I mean, Shane Black so of course it seems cool.
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping–Is this an Andy Samberg movie…no. A Lonely Island Movie. Ok, kinda sucks actually Bill Haeder is an American Treasure and I’m back.
The Dumb Food Movie–Ok. Fuck this. I hope this trailer does not include the orgy scene. Sausage Party. It’s called Sausage Party.
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