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I dreamed something impossible last night and it’s good to know I’m awake again.











wear a different perfume when you commit murder fuckin amateurs 

also wear shoes that aren’t your actual size and use gloves if you have to touch anything

what the hell is this here? A how-to-commit-the-perfect-crime??

Wear a wig.
Contact lenses .
Change your accent .
Change Hand when writing .
Layer up to make you look big if your small n vice versa .
Contour the hell outta your face.

Get your car interior thoroughly washed, then purposely dirty it up again.

Also use an icicle for the weapon because it melts away
Buy a ticket to a show and tell as many people / post it on social media that u went to the show

Y’all suspect af😂

*adds 363,462 more people to list of that I will fuck never with*

Make sure you set up a solid alibi
Pay for everything in cash

Or, for those of you who’ve read Roald Dahl’s Lamb to the Slaughter, feed the murder weapon to the police

Stay one step ahead: Have no motive.









How GamerGate Can Spoil YOUR Marriage

HEY SHITHEADS: the creator of this bot has been targeted by gamergate and is TOTALLY NOT INTO YOUR SHIT, so you might want to just fucking unsubscribe instead of making me block all of you by hand while making fun of you on Twitter

seriously you motherfuckers already doxed me, i am 100% beyond buying any horseshit about how you’re “not a harassment movement”

you’re literally attempting to harass marginalized people into silence by screaming at them every time they talk about social justice and/or video games

that doesn’t make you a “consumer revolt”, that makes you terrorists: you are attempting to make people scared enough of you that they stop talking. and don’t fucking come to me about how it’s “not violence”, i have enough friends who’ve had fucking SWAT teams sent to their houses to know what attempted murder by cop looks like, thanks.

feel free to shove a cactus up your assholes.

ADDENDUM: this applies to all of you edgelords with stuff like “proud anti-Semite” in your profile and whatever else, go back to jerking off to DC comics from the 90s with too much crosshatching, or whatever it is you people do, this bot-maker has standards for her audience

What about all the people who just criticize stuff they don’t like without sending death threats? A lot of the people who criticize Anita Sarkeesian do so because they believe she doesn’t do her research, not because they’re a bunch of bigoted caricatures who Hate Minorities.

The ones who doxxed you are absolutely dicks, but you shouldn’t condemn an entire movement based on its worst members. That’s like saying everyone for social justice is an evil asshole because some of them harass cartoonists and send death threats to people they disagree with.

I’m willing to bet the doxxing had nothing to do with GamerGate at all. GG is just the new favourite boogieman of these people, particularly if a woman is harrassed. “Woman being harrassed? IT’S DA GOOBERGLOMBERS, y’know how much they hates women so much as existing on this planet, even though we argue at the same time that they love ogling women so much!”

the dox literally had whining about ethics in games journalism in it

nice try though, the weird gross thing about how you can’t be a misogynist, harassing jackass while ogling women is a nice bonus illustration of what kind of dipshits you all are

don’t forget, the cactus goes up your butthole, just wedge it right in there

This one is a fucking sperg, lmao. Your obsessive need to make a scene about it is only fueling the fire.

Maybe consider *not reacting publicly* next time something like this happens, yeah?

bot-readers: this right here is a major part of how these assholes work. i just want you to know that. these bullying, abusive shitheads will repeatedly tell you to JUST BE SILENT about the shit that you go through. you know why they do it? because their ENTIRE PURPOSE is to terrorize marginalized people into silence. that is the only reason that these hate movements exist.

i’ve been dealing with these abusive assholes a lot more lately. i do activist work on twitter and elsewhere, and i talk about it, and now there are a bunch of people who’ve decided it’s their business to read through all of my posts– which is a pretty big task, considering how much time i spend rambling about the technicalities of bot-work, the philosophy of bot-art, mental health, and the marvel cinematic universe– so they can find the posts where i talk about my gender and figuring out what labels work for me, and then they post screenshots of that and pass them around. they spend an inordinate amount of time seeking out my selfies so that they can make posts to call me fat. about a week ago, they set up a new twitter account to make fat jokes about me and try to troll my friends.

they are angry, at various times, about so much about me: that i put “mixed-gender femme” in my twitter profile, that i have a patreon and tip jar and that people pay me to create bots and write about feminism, that i’m fat, that i write about video games. but mostly they’re mad that i have repeatedly pointed out what they do: i have showed, over and over, what their hate movement looks like, what their methods are, that i’ve looked at their campaign to attempt to harass and threaten people who they disagree with politically and called it what it is: terrorism.

i do this work, and i do my art, and i get dudes like this– dudes with accounts dedicated to nothing but screenshots of feminists’ twitter accounts with whiny captions, dudes who have dedicated enormous amounts of time and energy to these focused campaigns of harassment, threats, doxing and abuse– seeking out any time that i talk about the abuse that i receive, and then they show up to drop slurs and tell me how to react. they do it here, they do it on my personal blog, they do it on twitter, they send me messages on facebook. they post confirmation that i am a “sjw” and the identities of my family members– taken from an obituary– on 8chan, along with links about how i oppose “ethics in games journalism”.

all this, and i’m a relatively minor target. one of the “lucky ones”, because i haven’t had a SWAT team sent to my house yet. because they aren’t calling up my family at home to yell slurs into the phone. because the wallet names that they’ve tracked down aren’t traumatic for me to come across, like a lot of their transgender targets get with their constant stream of deadnaming.

and then i get these people to whine about a post on my bot’s account– my art account– telling them to just. fuck. off. and he tells me to be silent.

fuck that.

Just a reminder that every member of GamerGate is a piece of shit.

They’re piece of shit people on a piece of shit boat and they pass other pieces of shit and say “good morning” while they walk on piece of shit floors and when any part of them acts like the piece of shit that they are, the others swiftly remind you that that’s just an individual piece of shit and doesn’t represent them, but they stay on that piece of shit boat with that piece of shit crew and just sail the fuck on like it’s got nothing to do with their piece of shit self.

So I got scammed.



I don’t know how else to put it. For the past 4 years I’ve been calmly trying not to lose my cool over this but honestly I think 4 years is just about enough time for me to just accept that I will never see the $300 I gave to a cosplayer known as “Jim Logan” (whose real name is actually David Eugene Winant Jr.)
There’s a link to my entire Facebook conversation with the guy from start to finish. (It’s REALLY long and includes 2012 Nick whining a bunch towards the middle… so be warned.)

But for those of you who I’m sure will say “TL;DR” I’ll give you a little summary.

Y’see a LONG time ago I went to Philadelphia Wizard World and met this really amazing Wolverine cosplayer! He was great so I befriended him on Facebook. At the time his name was “Iam Logan” and I saw that he had made some absolutely amazing things! Including a perfect Nightwing cosplay.
I had been wanting to cosplay Nightwing for a while so I inquired about his prices and I was pretty willing to shoot him the funds to make it happen. Now… at the time I was workin for Starbucks and had very VERY little money… so I opted to pay half up front and half when I was ready.

Now Jim had made it perfectly clear to me that he wasn’t going to start work on the outfit until he had the full payment. So I paid him his $130 up front.

Now… a crazy expensive root canal came up for me a month later and I needed as much money as I could get. So I messaged Jim Logan, knowing that he wouldn’t start on the project until he had the full payment, and asked if I could cancel the order and get a refund for the $130.

Unfortunately he let me know (a little too late) that he doesn’t do refunds. Not even for down payments. 

So after a bunch of drama and having him block me, I had my girlfriend at the time talk to him and convince him to re-friend me on facebook to talk things over civilly. That was when I made the stupid mistake of giving him the remaining money.

So years went by, time after time after time after time I would ask him about the progress. I got little to no responses and when i did he stayed kinda vague. Told me that things were busy even though most of what I saw him posting was him making a bunch of cosplays for himself and then going to parties and hosting events. I knew I was getting scammed but honestly after all the drama from 2012 I figured I would be as careful with him as possible and just hope that I would see my money goto my actual commission.

Well. Come 2014 I found that…. not only was I not the only person that he’s scammed money off of…. but there were TONS of people that had the same experiences with him:
Here’s one
And another
Oh look. Another.
Here’s +45 pages of people he’s conned.
A 4chan post about him
There’s even a replica blacklist group that he’s been mentioned on a number of times.

Honestly All you have to do is google this and you’ll find a plethora of results. (Wish 2012 me had thought of that! THIS IS WHY I HAVE TRUST ISSUES!!)

You can read this whole article for more about ALL of it…….

Fact is…. there came a point where he pissed off the wrong chick. That chick had a GRAND social media presence and wrote quite the article about her experience. Which was eye-opening for a lot of people.

Now… at the time there was some stuff that went around. An internet radio show hosted where they called him out to address everyone. He never showed up and made a post scoffing at the whole thing. Later he would post a picture of a bulletin board of the GOBS of commissions that he was behind on. 

In the end, the internet radio show racked up a total of over $6,000 worth (not including myself and countless others, I’m sure) of commissions that never went through. (There were even a bunch of women that claimed that he sexually assaulted them. He claimed that he were just riding the wave of crap towards him so honestly I have no idea what is true in that regard…..)

The fact remains. After 4 years of putting up with this crap I’m finally putting my foot down on the matter.

You guys are absolutely lovely and I know I can count on all of you to pass this around and make sure that no one else has to deal with this crap!!!

Here’s his main Facebook. (which I’m blocked from because he deletes any bad press he gets.)
Here’s his Instagram
His one Facebook
His other Facebook
His OTHER Facebook (Seriously dude…. if you have this many different company Facebook pages…….)
His Youtube


Friendly reminder:



random person: *dies* 

cut to Sam and Dean eating on the impala outside a food truck 

Sam: so get this a random person across the country died 

Dean: ok but it’s probably not our thing 

*it is their thing*

Scene change: Dean and Sam walking outside

Dean or Sam: hey do you really think we should be taking this case, considering the season’s overarching plot line?

Dean or Sam: we’ve got no leads so I’ve got to work or I’ll go crazy 

Dean: hello sheriff pay no attention to the fact we look like supermodels, have ridiculous names on these clearly fake FBI badges and my brother has the same hair style as Jackie Kennedy and give us all the info on this case 

random sheriff: this case? Why you FBI boys are wasting your time. There isn’t a case here. 

Visibly shaken white woman holding baby: this isn’t like (random person) I just can’t believe it

Dean: did you hear or smell anything weird? Sulfur? Cold spots? These are very official FBI questions. 

Visibly shaken white woman holding baby: Of course, agents. Look I’ve told you everything I know, except for this mysterious hint. 

*Sam swallows and looks at Dean*

*Scene change*

*Impala pulls into motel*


Sam: I think it’s this thing 

*it’s not that thing* 

Sam: get this, I think we’re dealing with this thing. 

Dean: That’s great Sammy but I think I know where the thing is going to be

Monster: attacks visibly shaken white woman holding baby

*Sam and Dean arrive just before visibly shaken white woman holding baby passes out

Monster: *chokes Sam*

*Camera shot of Sam’s face as he is being chocked* 

If only Sam could reach the phone/ knife/ gun!!!!

Sam: *eyes roll back into head* 

Dean: arrives in the nick of time and kills monster 

Visibly shaken white woman hugs baby, she is teary-eyed: “so you’re telling me monsters are real??? Thank you for saving us!!! If only you could have saved that random person. I guess I’ll have to move on now.” 

*scene change, Sam and Dean in Impala* 

Dean or Sam: that was the right thing to do 

Dean or Sam: but was it 

Dean or Sam: sometimes you can’t save everyone. 

*implication that story of random person is the same as Sam/ Dean’s season plot line issue 

Dean and Sam look at each other 

Sam is clearly nervous

Dean is stoic

Impala drives into rain

Fade to black 

I can’t stop laughing this is literally ten years in a nutshell

Like, why are some movies called “Oscar bait”? Is it a sin want to do the dog show to get the highest award in your industry? Does anyone call Tom Daley’s Olympic dives “10 bait?” No, dude’s kicking up his game like a Highlander to get The Prize.

And folks do the same thing about money and artistic merit. Like, “it’s just a self-indulgent art film” or “they just made this one for the money.” Really? 

Is the only noble goal for making something making you happy? Is the only worthy endeavor of others to spend millions of dollars and months of work, forgoing recognition, money, and self-fulfillment, to make a movie that you, personally like?


fav photoshoot ever