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The Catholics were some crazy cult, my best friend was Jewish (and they were God’s chosen people, so probably pretty okay), and I don’t think our family mentioned anything else ever.  I mean, okay, after 9/11 my mom’s kind of crazy about Muslims, but I was out of the house by then.  

Dude, does she pronounce it “Maahsluums” because mine’s the same way and I’m hella curious if it’s a thing.


literally every shipping community in every fandom ever



Me: I really haven’t had enough fruit lately

*pours a glass of orange juice*

Me: It’s also been a really rough week

*pours vodka in the orange juice*

Dagger of the Mind

In this episode, Derek and I differ on whether the misogyny on this episode goes too far or if it doesn’t go too far enough, debate whether Dr. McCoy has a real medical degree, and tell of stories untold.

The condition was called strabismus. I didn’t know it. I wasn’t even close.