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The Enemy Within

Derek and I talk about how…wow the messed up sex things in this episode. Just wow, folks.

So…good things: This is the closest we get to a Sulu episode. We see the equivalent of Kirk’s captain’s jacket for the first time. We meet the Saurian Brandy bottle for the first time.

Also, Derek asks hella good questions about the multiple plotholes in this episode.



can “Garak wants to come along” be added as an afterthought to every DS9 episode summary, please?

That would have made everyting so much better

Millions almost died because Garak came along, guys.


The #TransHealthFail hashtag on Twitter shows really great examples of how healthcare for trans people is real fucked up.



Check out the packaging for Zendikar vs. Eldrazi! We previewed the new Duel Deck in today’s Daily MTG. Avenger of Zendikar got some shiny new art, and the Eldrazi have a brand new card!

Ooh, pretty.


Dear Bobby Kennedy, please do something about the obscene song Louie, Louie






A philosophy I very much live my life by.

Yeah, too bad he was a Nazi.

was he? shit

I’m assuming by “he was a Nazi” you meant he played a PARODY of Hitler in a MOVIE and in that same movie he also plays a barber who disguises himself as said Hitler parody and delivers one of the greatest anti-fascist speeches of all time.

It’s okay. It’s a easy mistake to make.