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hearing straight people talk about gay people without them knowing you’re gay is surreal. i feel like an undercover spy. they think i’m one of them


Casualties of War: Art that portray the horror of war. (Source)


real talk does anyone ever just take a moment to appreciate the flawless combination that is cheese and tomatoes

cheese and tomatoes


cheese and tomatoes


cheese and tomatoes


c h e e s e  a n d  t o m a t o e s



scotty confirmed sjw

So in “Way of the Warrior,” when DS9 is all “Klingons!” Garak and Bashir talk about the Betreka Nebula incident and we never hear about it again (except for some boring EU shit).

And it’s baffling. Here’s the secret to the Cardassians: they’re only threatening when they’re bullying Bajorans and second-hand space stations. If you watch “The Wounded,” it’s clear The Cardassians are badly outclassed by The Federation. Their threat is always political, the outbreak of another war. The Federation & Starfleet are not afraid of a war with Cardassia where the Cardassians might win; they’re afraid of a war with Cardassia where they slaughter a million Cardassians too stupid to stop attacking them.

Klingons call a story about a million dead Cardassians a good weekend. Or Ferengi. Or Romulans. Whatever. They’re Klingons. What the heck could happen–what scenario could exist–that would give the Cardassians enough of an advantage that for eighteen years they could fight and the Klingons wouldn’t waltz over them with a wing of warbirds and a full pack of chewing gum?

A nursing home. A band of aging Klingons create a home for older Klingons on Cardassia. It’s the Betreka Nebula Care Home. Like “Shady Pines,” but nebula-themed. They move into a historic residence and the Cardassians are just livid. They send in the 12th Order, a whole army, to remove them. The grampa and grandma Klingons repel a whole Cardassian Order. It’s like the Alamo meets Space Cowboys. It goes on for 18 years until the Cardassians just give up and help them sync their iphones.



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Look at these adorable old ladies.

Ruining the sanctity of marriage.

God damn them?