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#mygeneration (in the USA) has the lowest teen pregnancy rate in decades, yet old people still cast teenage girls as promiscuous and irresponsible– and this despite the poor sex education in our schools, at the hands of these same old people


“If our society really wanted to solve the problem, we could; it’s just that it would require everybody saying, ‘this is important; this is significant.’ And, that we don’t just pay attention to these communities when a CVS burns, and we don’t just pay attention when a young man gets shot or has his spine snapped, but we’re paying attention all the time because we consider those kids our kids.” —President Obama on the situation in Baltimore


So its a good time for everyone to educate themselves on the best bits of the contest’s history before it returns

Like the most important winners ever


The Russian Grannies


Don’t forget that Eurovison is the reason ABBA became famous


Then there was the time Ukraine absolutely lost its mind


The time Ireland lost its mind to an even greater extent and entered a puppet turkey


Frankly choose any British entry from the least 15 years and you’ll see the United Kingdom lost its mind long ago


There were the Greek fishermen singing about whisky


The Romanian man affectionally dubbed ‘gay opera dracula’


Iceland once entered a song that should have been the most obnoxious thing ever but was actually really darn catchy


That Turkish ship


After this song flopped the Czech Republic never entered again (though they are returning this year!)


And France sung a song entirely about moustaches


But its not all insanity, there are actually some genuinely beautiful songs sometimes – like Norway’s Alexander Rybak and his violin


This slower, genuinely beautiful song from the Netherlands


And of course, there is the Queen of Europe herself


Eurovison everyone



i have seen tv shows make passive placating attempts to represent geeky, nerdy people and i have felt let down by most of them, but i have never felt so lovingly represented as a nerd as i feel like i have been by ben wyatt, writer of star trek: tng fanfiction, lover of calzones, maker of math puns, model u.n. ambassador, settlers of catan-tournament-for-his-bachelor-party board game aficionado.   

probably because being a nerd is not all that ben wyatt is, but because it is only a small slice of what it means to be ben wyatt, loving husband, loyal friend, community-minded government employee who genuinely wants to improve the lives of everyone else around him.  not a joke or a dartboard combination of likely nerdy qualities. 


White rioters are usually called “revelers,” “celebrants” and “fans.” They’re not even called “rioters” in many cases. They’re not derided as “criminals,” “thugs,” “pigs” or even “violent.” Those descriptors, as events in Baltimore Monday night reveals yet again, are only reserved for black people. And the disparate reasons for rioting are just as eye-opening.



while I’m here:

  • aspartame does not give you cancer
  • gluten is not bad for you if you’re not allergic/don’t have celiac disease
  • superfoods aren’t real, they’re just healthy things with maybe some nicer levels of certain vitamins
  • vaccines do not cause autism or really anything else and the chemicals present in them that typically scare you are in such minute amounts that they do precisely fuck-all in your body (we’re talking scales of one part per million)
  • you cannot do a cleanse or diet to “rid your body of toxins,” your kidneys and liver have that covered
  • GMO foods will not kill you; most genetic crop modification just makes our crops hardier and produce more food (and genetic modification doesn’t inject more chemicals into your food, it’s just minor altering of DNA that is made of the exact same stuff your DNA is made from)
  • if you feed your cat a vegan diet I will personally come to your home with the skull of a long-dead predator, point out the shape of its jaw and teeth as indicators of predatory feeding habits, and then beat you with it

And remember when someone tells you that something is bad for you because it contains “chemicals” remind them that literally every physical substance is made entirely of chemicals.

When you fix your skull with gems and some asshole breaks it in the exact same place.