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Muppet Treasure Island.

Judge me.

Yeah? You think? “The Colour of Magic.” There. You got that? I hung around where Sean Astin was standing, at the party after the premiere.

Slight amendment to this: You can fairly judge a man based on what movie he first thinks of at the mention of Tim Curry.

My mind first goes to Muppet Treasure Island. But then after that it goes to (horror of horrors) Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.

Legend. Legend and IT.


Rocky Horror Picture Show

Muppet Treasure Island was the first thing I saw him in but then I think of Rocky Horror.

And then I think of that episode of Freakazoid where he played a guy who wanted to destroy Cleveland…I mean the world.


rocky horror, muppet treasure island, and ferngully!

The Three Musketeers 😐

(also The Wild Thornberrys, not that I’ve ever seen the show)

My first thought is usually the Mighty Max cartoon.

Clue, The Shadow, Rocky Horror Picture Show



So….I’ll try to sum up what’s happening here. In 2008, I designed and modeled a robot girl for a college assignment. I posted them on DeviantArt as I always do, and since then I’ve gotten quite a few people asking if they can model it as well. I always tell them sure, as long as I’m credited with the design. I failed to put my name/info on the image though, so it has been spread around the internet and some people have modeled it without my permission (just for the record you don’t have to sign something for it to be protected by copyright). They usually find out who made it later and gladly credit me. So I don’t mind!

Until someone tries to sell it.

Fast forward from 2008 to now. I find out that someone has been selling a model of my design on Turbosquid since March of this year, and it has made thousands of dollars in profit. I’m naturally very upset about this, so I report the infringement to Turbosquid. At first they seemed fairly courteous, but then I wake up today and find them basically asking me to let him keep selling the model as long as he credits me. Are you kidding? After making thousands of dollars? Note that Turbosquid takes a 60% commission of profits by default, so they likely made even more money than the seller did from my design.

They tried to appeal to pity by talking about how hard he worked on creating the model from my design. HI! I DID THAT TOO!

I just can’t believe Turbosquid is taking the side of the infringer and trying to ignore the fact that they both made thousands of dollars off my IP without my permission. The minimum amount of money made is $2,481.00. I base that on how many reviews the model had, which you can only do if you buy it. However, this doesn’t include any purchases made that weren’t given reviews.

I think it goes without saying that the profits belong to me. It is not right for a guy in another country to steal my design and make thousands from it while I struggle to make ends meet. I have never made a penny off of that character design. To think that Turbosquid considers it fair for me to make nothing off my design while they made thousands is just unbelievable.

PLEASE reblog this. I am an amateur artist. I am not famous. I spent $130,000 to go to art college and haven’t found a full-time job since. My only job is the freelance I do from home. I am not Disney. I can’t afford to have my designs stolen for profit. I am hopeful that with enough exposure of this, Turbosquid will suddenly find the ethics they dropped on the floor somewhere. If this can happen to me, it can happen to you.

Thieves are among the shittiest of people. Don’t let this kid get away with it, Internet.






Krang o’ Lantern.

ugly ugly laughter



best pumpkin ever


We Sherlockians all know that this quote originated with Sherlock himself in The Sign of Four. But, the Sherlock Holmes novels don’t exist in BBC Sherlock’s universe. So, for the longest time I just assumed that Sherlock came up with the phrase in The Hounds of Baskerville at The Cross Keys pub, and that John’s “Spock” comment was just poking fun that Sherlock was being overly analytical and needed to calm down.

However, then I obviously remembered that the phrase was actually said by Spock in the 2009 film Star Trek. And that The Hounds of Baskerville takes place in 2011.

So, assuming that BBC Sherlock exists in a universe in which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories don’t exist, Sherlock is actually quoting Spock (who coined the phrase) from the 2009 Star Trek film- not just coming up with something clever off the top of his head. And John recognizes that and calls him out on it. So this means that they’ve both seen the film. I’d wager that they saw it together. Sherlock doesn’t seem like much of a film buff, but he’d endure it if he saw it with John.

Meaning that at one point in time John and Sherlock had a Star Trek night.

That is all.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country in 1991. In the very same sentence where we learn that Spock is a descendant of Sherlock (or someone else who invented the phrase). That is, unless Sherlock exists in an alternate universe in which Star Trek was created in 2009, which is equally likely at this point.




“Or when I saw Batman in person for the first time, and I realized that it could be anyone under that mask. Even me.”

The greatest thing about this line (part of Kate listing some character defining moments to answer the question posed in the text of the above image) is that the first half of it is one that’s recognizable to any Batman fan. “It could be anyone under that mask” is usually a statement of fear, or of admitting to the unknown, or is uttered by people covering the fact that they’re afraid that there is no someone under the mask, but a something

Batwoman #0 says that same realization, in the mind of Kate Kane, was an inspiration that showed her who she could be: the Bat. Not a Batgirl, not a Robin, not a protege. She realizes that she could be him. This reframing of these tropes of Batman stories (not to mention the overall events of origin issue #0) plainly states: we refuse to consider Batwoman a lesser knock-off of Batman. She is his equal. 

This is so babies: vabolo replied to your post: The first time I ever heard BCE/CE used…