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It’s always funny when a cartoon show reaches an unexpected demographic outside of its marketed viewership.

Though when a show has something special, anyone can appreciate scream and cry over it it really

Reblog for true.

Honest times: All I know of these shows I learned through Tumblr.

I thought Aya and Razer were Transformers. 🙁

I’m…I’m finally old.



I’m not a lawyer but I wrote a Wonkette thing about how maybe the one part of the health care reform that got struck down will screw lots of poor people?  PLEASE CORRECT ME, I WOULD PREFER THAT THIS NOT BE TRUE.


In today’s video about how terrible Boba Fett is at being Boba Fett, we learn a valuable lesson about using “the extended universe” to prove a point. A valuable, painful lesson that surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the nerdrage together.



Every time some religious person says “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” all I can think is that Adam and Eve were endgame in the bible and Adam and Steve just didn’t end up being canon and it’s like damn, if the biggest problem with homosexuality is that it’s a non-canon ship

believe me

we can work with that



Man: Now, see, if you don’t mind me saying, can I ask what you bench press sir?

Bane: Costumed detectives mostly.

Dude, I don’t say this a lot, but I was so happy when that line came to me, I thought I’d die.