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Hey all of you cheering for Chris Brown right now. I’d like to remind you about these pictures right here.

Edited to add a reply from Samara:  ”Including Katy Perry, clapping for the guy who beat the shit out of her best friend.”

Things could be different if the guy had given a sincere apology, admitted what he did was domestic violence and that it was WRONG, but he didn’t. He is just being accepted back because GOD GUYS, THREE YEARS HAVE GONE BY, that’s the appropriate amount of time to forget someone beat up their girlfriend, right???? I am seriously disgusted with everyone who cheered for him at the Grammy’s tonight.

“The message we sent to young women was unmistakable: You are powerless. You are worthless. You will be a victim, and that will be okay with us.”

If you do this to someone, male or female, you don’t deserve to have fans. 

To think that this is almost considered the bright side to society, that an abuser has fans. Think about guys like Charles Manson or serial killers who literally have fan mail and fans waiting for them when they’re being sent to jail. It’s disturbing sometimes


Ringo you don’t count shut up.

Reblogging because today’s theme is “topical.” Don’t let the Whitney Houston/celebrity death stuff confuse you; Ringo is fine.

And he totally counts, c’mon!




Double Fine has started a kickstarter campaign to make a traditional adventure game. Tim Schafer is the guy behind Grim Fandango which is pretty much my favorite game ever (we have the original box from when Eric got it in high school sitting on our mantle) so I am loosing all of my cool over this. My cool is gone! Double Fine is officially TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL.

JESS I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU with the nerd feelings and happy joy.

It’s so cool that that Notch guy was like “I’ll pay u 2 make dis game” and then Double Fine was like “Oh thats kewl bcuz we were just about 2 ask our fans to do tha same thing. Cool games all day every day I guess”

BASICALLY I am just happy that there’s some games in the pipeline that I can actually get stoked about. I always need my games to be drenched in aesthetics and propelled by a strong sense of character, and it’s so rare for the gaming industry to give you that.


This is perhaps the best Kickstarter video I’ve ever seen.

Also, this guy makes the best video games ever.


“I think they were great”


White people problems….